EIGHT of the worst EU laws that the UK had to accept.

Is the humble Banana, no matter what Remainers tell you about the humble Banana it's true that Bananas cannot be too bendy.

In a widely ridiculed ruling, Brussels bosses banned rogue bananas with “malformations and abnormal curvature”. In 2009, the European Union introduced strict restrictions on the quality of bananas and other fruits sold within the EU.

It's Illegal to make Stilton in the village of Stilton

The small Cambridgeshire town named after the famous blue-veined cheese for being the first place to sell it is banned from producing Stilton under EU law.

Water does not hydrate you

In 2011 the EU banned drink manufacturers from claiming that water can prevent dehydration.

Tampon tax

Currently, all sanitary protection in the UK is charged a VAT of five per cent, the lowest rate permissible under EU VAT rules.

Strict fishing quotas

The Common Fisheries Policy sets annual fishing quotas on each type of fish and mandated that if fish of the wrong species were caught accidentally, they had to be thrown overboard.

Halogen light bulbs banned

The EU banned member states from selling halogen light bulbs, replacing them with LEDs.

Inches and pounds banned as measurements

In 2010 the EU banned the use of imperial measurements (feet, inches, pounds etc) and instead only allowed the use of metric units (metres, kilograms).

Prunes are not a laxative

One month after banning water from being sold as preventing dehydration, the EU ruled prunes do not have a laxative effect and as such, producers cannot say that they do.



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Sir Ron Harrison


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