Trump vs the EU Commission’s Iran-loving, ex-Communist Foreign Secretary.

The EU’s Tehran Time Bomb is ticking — and it's relevant for Brexit.

Federica Mogherini,
de facto EU Foreign Secretary,
being mobbed by MPs in the
Iranian Parliament for selfies, 2017

Who elected this powerful former Communist who purportedly represents the UK?

The EU got it wrong

This was all so predictable

  1. The EU Investment Bank to start lending to Iran
  2. The EU to conduct joint nuclear research with Iran
  3. The EU to share science and technology knowledge with Iran
The EU’s unelected de facto Foreign Secretary, Federica Mogherini
Elżbieta Bieńkowska.

Who decides EU foreign policy?

Where is the British Government on all of this?

Deeds not words



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Sir Ron Harrison

Sir Ron Harrison


What is life without a little controversy in it? Quite boring and sterile would be my answer.